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Company ownership: Miscota E-Commerce S.L.

Registered office: Calle Pascual Madoz, 12 08301 Mataró (Barcelona), España

Head of the publication: Albert Costa García

Commercial register data: Registro Mercantil, Volumen 42226, Folio 39, Hoja B404814 - Inscripción 1ª

Personal data that users must provide us with are essential for the shipping of the orders and the elaboration of bills. Failure to provide this data will automatically cancel your order. 

Registration on the website will compromise the user to provides us with valid personal data, details which allow the provision of services by Kidits (Miscota E-Commerce S.L.) and the correct identification of the registered user, as well as the submission of information and advertising of the different products and offers that Kidits (Miscota E-Commerce S.L.) can have on their websites.

Commercial communications (e-mailed newsletters which contain new features, sales, and offers) will be emailed to the email adress provided by the user who, by registering, is giving his or her express consent for the foregoing advertising sent by mail. Whenever so desired, the user could unsubscribe itself from our newsletter in order to stop receiving this kind of emails. To cancel the service, simply click the link provided for this purpose which appears at the bottom of the page of each of the promotional emails that we will send. 

Only Kidits (Miscota E-Commerce S.L.) possesses the user personal data. Data provided by the user is stored in a database ownership of Kidits (Miscota E-Commerce S.L.) which follows the current regulations on data protection and e-commerce. The responsible of the database and its handling is Kidits (Kidits E-Commerce S.L), located at Calle Pascual Madoz, 12, 08301, Mataró (Barcelona), Spain. 

Kidits (Miscota E-Commerce S.L.) commits itself to fulfill its obligation regarding secrecy of the foregoing data, assuming the necessary measures to avoid its alteration, loss, handling or non-authorized access, as required under the Spanish Basic Personal Data Protection Act of December 13, of Personal Data Protection, in the Royal Decree 994/1999 of June 11 and its implementing provisions.

Any registered User can at any time exercise his or her right to access, rectify and, where applicable, cancel the personal data supplied to Kidits (Miscota E-Commerce S.L.). It can be done by written request addressed to the next email adress:

Kidits (Miscota E-Commerce S.L.) is committed to the non-use of such personal data to other means different to the object of the service given through their webpages, which provide information about offers on products for direct sale through the Internet, and it is also committed to the non-transmission of personal data to third parties, except for those involved in the development subject to this agreement.


In the course of your visits to our webpages, Kidits (Miscota E-Commerce S.L.) could used cookies, small text files that are placed on the user system, which allow to customise and facilitate the browsing of the users through the website, and which are only associated with the anonymous user meaning that personal data cannot be infer. These cookies does not contain any sensitive information who will concern you. 

Cookies can be disabled in the parameters of your browser. Disabling cookies does not prevent users from accesing the content of the website.

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